About Play Learn Italian

What It’s All About?

Play Learn Italian is a free website that makes it fun to learn Italian. As the name says, “Play! Learn!”. Here are a range of fun and educational flash games, all designed for students of the Italian language. They don’t require any additional software and are completely free. More games on the way when I find some time 🙂

For Teachers 

I hope you find this site useful. Please feel free to direct your students here to practice their skills, or to link to www.playlearnitalian.com from your own site. The more the merrier when it comes to this beautiful language! If you have suggestions for new games, or have ideas for how the website can be improved for your students, please contact me


Play Learn Italian is a labour of love by Xavier Russo, who has been a long-time student of the Italian language. I started learning Italian in grade 2, and studied it all through school and at university. Since then, I’ve tried to keep my skills up with conversation class and reading italian novels… although I could always use more practice! I’ve long believed that the interactive nature of computer games can enrich the learning experience, so this is my little experiment to help improve the process of learning Italian.

The website was launched in October 2007 on SquareSpace as Gioca Impara, and re-branded to Play Learn Italian in December 2007. The website was upgraded further in November 2009, and (after a long hiatus) migrated to this WordPress platform in October 2014.  I’m planning to explore new tools for creating word games in the coming months and will hopefully add more games for you to enjoy soon…